Wireless pool monitor takes the hassle out of balanced pH.

Wireless Pool System

Summer is in full swing and one of the drags about having a pool is to constantly balance the ph and chlorine content to keep your pool from turning green, or from causing swimmers to have itchy skin due to too much cholorine.

Often, using those little tabs to dip in and devine what color means for ph balance is iffy. As such, there has to be a hi tech way to check and be sure your pool is healthy, isnt’ there?

Yes, there is. Wirelessly, no doubt! It comes from our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer, of course, the same company that offers the Remote-Controlled Pool Skimmer shown here a few weeks back.

Using a remote floating pod that measures water temperature, pH, and chlorine level, the wireless system transmits its data wirelessly to the display 24 hours a day and automatically notifies you when to add chlorine. The free floating sensor pod takes these measurements at the 18″ depth recommended by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

The pool pH level is measured based upon the total pool volume that is manually entered on the display. This allows the system to tells you when and how much chlorine to add bring your pH near a balanced 7.2 reading (a chlorine generator is required for total alkalinity test).

The sensor pod and display have a wireless range of up to 150′ and one D battery will provide up to a year of operation before requiring replacement. The Display plugs into AC.

Cost is about $400.