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Wireless OverBed Dual LED Lamp

wireless-led-lamp.jpgThere are some of us who prefer to end the day by finishing up a chapter of a good book, and it makes perfect sense to do so in bed. Unfortunately, if you happen to have a partner sleeping in the same bed, the lighting used to read that book could prove particularly distracting. Why not pick up the Wireless OverBed Dual LED Lamp? Here’s more on this battery-operated lighting:

This cordless over-the-bed dual lamp offers individual, dimmable light to either person in bed, so one can read without disturbing the other. Each lamp slides along a 36″ track and adjusts side-to-side, while each lamp head swivels to shine right where the light is needed. Additionally, there are no cords and wires like other over-the-bed lighting. Each lamp slides along the track, adjusts from side to side and swivels to shine light where it is needed. Each LED lamp also has its own on/off switch and is dimmable. These attributes make this lamp perfect to avoid disturbing your partner sleeping right next to you while you read or work.

You can mount up to a couple of these at any one time. Installation is virtually dummy-proof – as long as you can hang a picture, hanging this up shouldn’t be a problem. It retails for $79.95 each.

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  1. I really love this idea. I think it would be perfect to put on the wall above my daughters bunk bed, as its impossible to get an ordinary lamp up there without putting a shelf up.

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