Wireless Outdoor Speakers

ZipConnect Wireless Outdoor Speaker Set
Having your tunes with you outside by the pool or in the hot tub is pretty cool, but any wired solution is either to much work, or to expensive. Fortunately for you, wireless speaker systems have gone down in price and going up in quality.

The ZipConnect Wireless Outdoor Speakers are great for using outside, especially with your iPod, but it works with any MP3 player, CD player, and even satellite radio, it just needs a headphone jack.

The set comes with two speakers, which are weatherproof, which does not mean they are waterproof. Don’t expect audiophile quality sound, but it should be enough, and there’s bass boost, but that’s about as advanced as the options get.

Your iPod is housed in a little box, also weatherproof, that has the ZipConnect Module, which will connect and charge your iPod, but will also connect any other MP3 player.

The included wireless remote allows you to control volume, and auto-scan frequency tuning. The remote is powered by 2 AA batteries, the speakers, however, require much more power; you’ll need 6 C batteries/speaker or use the included AC adapter if you’ve got a plug handy.

The wireless part operates at a 900 MHz frequency, and the device has a range of up to 150 feet, but for the best quality, the closer is the better.

The ZipConnect Wireless Outdoor speakers don’t provide audiophile quality sound, but it’s good enough for an average user, and with the great iPod support (it’ll charge it), it’s a pretty good buy. It’s available from Amazon for $170.

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