Wireless multiroom DVR coming to DirecTV

Samsung’s Smart TV line will stream wireless DirecTV in multiple rooms

Samsung is joining forces with DirecTV to cut the cables on your home entertainment with a multi-room wireless DVR.


The standard that makes it possible is Samsung’s RVU protocol, which is available on all LED6000 and D6400 HDTVs which will start to be available in March of 2011. The RVU experience will give users DVR services, live pause on all screens in the home, over 200 hours worth of shared storage, picture in picture capabilities, and the ability to record up to ficve shows at once.

Course, users have to have a Samsung Smart TV in each othe rooms they want to stream digital content to wirelessly. But it’s a cool idea. RVU enables a set top box and turns it inso a digital media server of sorts which then broadcasts live and recorded television to each room that contains a Smart TV RVU supported television. And there’s no additional hardware required except a DirecTV RVU box.

Hat Tip – Electric Pig

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