The Wireless Luggage Finder – Let Your Luggage Find You

It’s happened to me more than once, the last time was on a trip to Venice Italy, one of my suitcases was dropped into the Grand Canal, the other never showed up at the baggage claim. Did it ever make it on the plane? Who knows. I spent over 2 weeks in Italy in the one outfit I was able to dry on the radiator at the hotel. It was a great trip, but I sure didn’t make any fashion statements.
Enter the Wireless Luggage Finder, an individually coded luggage tag featuring a built-in wireless transmitter along with a wireless key chain recognition device. So while you’re waiting at the baggage claim, your key chain will sound, flash, and vibrate when your suitcase is within about 65 feet of you, and best of all, using a specialized photo sensor, it can actually sense your baggage in the cargo of the plane by measuring light, altitude and noise. Won’t that make for a more pleasant journey?
The Wireless Luggage Finder automatically de-activates in the plane and then re-activates again on the luggage belt. The Wireless Luggage Finder is also suitable for tracking keys, cell phones, and more. It has an easily changeable 100 hour battery and works world-wide. Now if we could just do something about the airline food and flight delays.
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