Wireless Color Video Baby Monitor with Infrared

Wireless Color Video Baby Monitor with Infrared
Some parents are just not satisfied with the standard audio-only baby monitors, or even the ones with the ability to “talk” to the baby, no, they need more, namely the Wireless Color Baby Monitor.

That’s right, you get to watch your baby either cry or sleep on a 1.5 inch color LCD. Now, what if the lights are turned off? Once the lens detects darkness it switches over to infrared mode and displays a black and white picture.

A totally unnecessary feature, but a cool one nonetheless. Everything else is pretty standard, you can rotate the lens for an optimal viewing angle, and the device operates at 2.4 ghz. That may cause some interference with a router or phone, but you’re not using your baby monitor all the time, are you?

The range is a maximum of 300 feet, and should go through most walls and ceilings. But, most of us known that the minimizing the number of walls and ceilings our wireless signals need to go through the better.

You can use either an AC adaptor (included) or batteries for both units. The baby unit (with camera) uses 4 AA batteries, while the adult unit (with display) uses only 3 AA batteries.

Being able to watch your baby throughout the night, even in the dark, will cost you a bit more than the standard, normal-parent baby monitor. The Wireless Color Baby Monitors (with infrared, of course!) are available at Sharper Image for a cool $150.

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