Wireless Amplified Speaker goes solar

solar-speaker.jpgWhy not do your bit in keeping power costs down at your home by incorporating more and more solar-powered products? The new Wireless Amplified Speaker with Solar Charge TX/RX from iGadget harnesses the power of the sun and converts that energy into juice for seven AA rechargeable batteries which in turn will power the speaker. You can choose to use the built-in solar panels which are mounted on top of the speaker to charge those batteries or fall back on the trusty DC mains in case it is too cloudy to generate enough power.

The Wireless Amplified Speaker are stored within a robust, weatherproof housing which keeps everything inside safe from the harsh outdoor conditions where rain or shine will be unable affect the sensitive electronics within. It uses a 900MHz frequency which enables you to mount the speaker up to 50 meters away from the transmitter. This huge range basically means you can enjoy your music anywhere within your home without worrying about dropped signals, unless you live in a sprawling mansion that requires one to drive from the dining area to the living room.

The versatility of the Wireless Amplified Speaker cannot be understated is it can also be used with various devices such as portable audio players, DVD players, TVs, computers, and any other device with an audio output. For $152.43, you get a transmitter, a receiver, a power supply, seven rechargeable batteries, connector cables, and a remote control. It takes approximately 6 hours of direct sunlight to fully recharge the batteries, or 12 hours of power from the main charger. One thing’s for sure – you can’t go wrong by going green!