Wireless 2.0 Hub from Icron released


Icron Technologies has finally lifted the curtains on the first wireless USB 2.0 hub in the world which is based on an industry standard 802.11g radio. This hub is known as the WiRanger Cable Free USB 2.0 Hub, and it takes standard USB connectivity to the wireless realm, enabling you to hook up a myriad of USB devices such as printers, scanners, hard drives, digital cameras, and MP3 players to either PC or Macs throughout a building without going through the hassle and headache of connecting wires.

The WiRanger Cable Free USB 2.0 Hub features a quartet of hubs along with a dongle set to enable transparent wireless connectivity for virtually any USB-capable device without the need for installing special software or tinker with user configuration. The WiRanger comes with a range of up to 30 meters, making it the perfect device to place in SoHo setups and even a single user computer, be they PC or Mac platforms. The WiRanger utilizes Icron’s very own ExtremeUSB technology to make this possible, and is compatible with both USB 1.1 or 2.0 connections over virtually any media, ranging from wireless, cable, power line, or fiber optics.

Rest assured, the WiRanger Cable Free USB 2.0 Hub will be the first among many of such devices from Icron, and the company will be working on different wireless technologies in order to meet a whole range of application requirements across different industries and sectors such as the military, prosumer, medical, and commercial markets. Interested parties will be able to pick up the WiRanger USB 2.0 Cable Free Hub for $395.

Source: eHomeUpgrade