wiPowerBand delivers wearable battery extender for the Apple Watch

wipowerbandThere is plenty of buzz surrounding Apple’s upcoming release, which would be none other than the Apple Watch, of course. This is one smart timepiece that many people have cast their eye upon, wondering whether it will end up as the next iPhone, changing the way smart watches work, or will it end up like a dud. The Apple Watch’s battery life is rather questionable though, as not much detail has been shed on this matter. Well, wiPowerBand has come up with a wearable battery extender for the Apple Watch, and this looks set to be quite the best seller if the Apple Watch takes off explosively, of course.

This happens to be a compact battery and wireless power transmitter that comes embedded in a sleek molded unit which will fit under the Apple Watch, hence providing extended battery life and protection. With the wiPowerBand, it will address one of the most common concerns about the Apple Watch, and that would be battery life. Current estimates point out that the wiPowerBand is capable of nearly doubling the amount of battery life of the Apple Watch thanks to its unique patent pending design. Not only that, the wiPowerBand device can also be charged using the Apple Lightning power cable; which happens to be the very same cable that is used to charge the iPhone, hence doing away with the need to travel with multiple chargers and cables – and this is one step that will definitely lessen the load and burden when traveling.

Dr. Thomas Giannulli, serial entrepreneur and inventor of the device, shared, “This is the first battery product for the Apple Watch that allows the user to wear their favorite Apple Watch band and extend the watch’s battery life. Users can also hot swap wiPowerBands to extend battery life for extended periods,” noted Giannulli.

You will be able to find the wiPowerBand arrive in 38mm and 42mm sizes, as well as adoring several colors so that it can easily accessorize with the Apple Watch. Pre-orders for the wiPowerBand is being accepted at the moment, where planned delivery has been set from May to June later this year. The asking price for the wiPowerBand stands at $89 a pop.

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