WINKPENS – never run out of ink


When you think of a pen, a plastic, metal ball-point version comes to mind. Of course, you have likely gone through a few in your lifetime, having to throw them away after you’ve exhausted the ink on the inside. It always feels a bit wasteful, but only the more expensive options will allow you to get refills, and even then, the refills are usually rather costly. With all that effort to save one pen, you’re still throwing out the plastic tube at the end of the day.

While we don’t want to go all the way back to the days of quill and ink, it would be nice to see a pen that doesn’t require constant waste. Not only that, but one that doesn’t require you to go to the store to get more ink. The WINKPEN is a combination of glass, rubber, and plastic that can use any liquid which will produce a stain as ink. This means wine, coffee, tea, soy sauce, juice, or anything else near by can refill your pen without you having to even move from your desk.

The pen can be easily taken apart, and as the nib and housing are made of borosilicate glass it will be very easy to clean. This can’t be used for official documents I’d wager, but day-to-day note-taking and jotting down ideas with this would be really fun, and you’d never have to leave your seat to refill it. When you do need to put in more liquid, you only need to submerse the nib in whatever your preferred color is, and twist on the end of the pen. This is going to cost you $60, and might have options for more decorative housing in the future.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter