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Winegard FlatWave Micro HD TV antenna is super flat

winegardFlat screen TVs are nothing new – in fact, the new buzz in town would be the presence of curved screen TVs which claim to offer you a superior visual experience that cannot be replicated with a normal HDTV. Well, since everything is starting to end up slimmer and more streamlined than ever before, here is Winegard, a company that is a pioneer in antenna design and development, with their latest addition, the FlatWave Micro, which will be the newest member of the extremely popular FlatWave collection of over-the-air HD TV antennas.

Do bear in mind that the FlatWave Micro is an indoor antenna that arrives in a far smaller and flatter form factor, but that does not detract it one bit from its effectiveness as an indoor antenna. In fact, it will boast of the similar trusted Winegard performance, electronics, and quality.

J.D. Hoffman, Product Manager of Winegard shared, “Whether you are a cord-never or a cord-cutter, this razor-thin HD antenna is a perfect alternative to costly cable or satellite subscriptions. This is a cost-effective antenna option that delivers top-rated local broadcast programs in beautiful HD quality, for free. We’re excited because it’s our smallest FlatWave yet, with a unique design for fantastic reception.”

The FlatWave Micro is no doubt the most compact version in the current FlatWave range, where the rest of the models comprise of the original FlatWave, FlatWave Amped, and FlatWave Air. It will be 5.25” tall by 7” wide, and tips the scales at a mere 0.28 pounds, allowing you to hide it away easily in a window, to hang it behind a picture or HDTV, or even to have it laid flat on a table or entertainment console without having it to look intrusive. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up, where you hook it up to the television using the included 5-foot coaxial cable. It has the ability to pull in local signals from broadcast towers up to 30 miles away making it ideal for metro area reception, and will retail for $21.99 a pop.

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