WineCruzer 5-Pack Magnum Wine Carrying Case

Everyone ought to be in a festive mood now, never mind the fact that the world’s economic system is in the doldrums. After all, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, so why not keep up the cheer? After all, life still goes on and I’m pretty sure that your family is going to hate you just because you can’t give as much to them materially as before, since they know you’ll always do your best in any situation. Well, nothing like a good bottle of wine to celebrate with good company during the holidays, and you can ensure safe delivery of these precious bottles with the WineCruzer 5-Pack Magnum Wine Carrying Case.

The WineCruzer 5-Pack Magnum Wine Carrying Case is the latest release from WineCruzer, and it claims to offer maximum protection against impact, vibration and thermal shock. Don’t worry about desperate (and thirsty) thieves sneaking away with a bottle or two, since this case can be further secured with a padlock. These corrosion-proof latches are a snap to open and close, ensuring the flow of good wine doesn’t stop abruptly to spoil the mood. As for the case itself, it comes equipped with sturdy polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings. In addition, it boasts a retractable extension handle that makes it a snap to tote around five of your most precious bottles in relative safety.

The thermally insulated dark-hue closed cell foam interior is able to shelter up to five magnum wine bottles, and has been extensively tested to regulate variations in temperature for those who are especially particular about their wines. Its virtually indestructible hard-shell case is able to take to the skies in any season or hemisphere with an unconditional lifetime warranty. You can always settle for much cheaper alternatives in the form of styrofoam containers, leather carriers, or picnic-type baskets, but these won’t do nuts when it comes to providing adequate protection. I’d go so far as to call this WineCruzer offering an investment.

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