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Wine Lock protects bottled beverages from being burgled

Wine Lock
We all have expectations of how things will go throughout a day. Get up, race to work, live in a haze as the day passes, and go home to relax. There are those who like to sit down with a drink which can make the evening more pleasant. If your beverage of choice just so happens to be wine, then you know how precarious it can be to keep others from getting their mitts on it while you’re away.

If you happen to have the issue of friends or family helping themselves to an opened bottle in the refrigerator, then you might want to invest in the Wine Lock. In addition to being a bottle stopper, it has a four-digit combination lock at the top which makes sure it stays closed as long as you want it to be. By the same token, it can also ensure that loved ones can’t get into their own stash as well. Bit of a cruel joke if used for malicious intent, but you’re not that kind of person, right?

This will work on most 17mm diameter bottles, and reseals the bottle, meaning that your wine will stay fresh for longer. It’s a relatively cheap investment, priced at around $14. However, should you want to protect more than one bottle, it’s going to take a bit more than that. At this very moment, it is out of stock, but I imagine that’s due to the demand right before Christmas. Wait a week or two and there should be more of them.

Available for purchase on red5, found via thisiswhyimbroke

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