Wine Cooler Fridge Freezer

We are currently in the process of trying to find a side by side fridge freezer for our newly fitted kitchen and I think this might just be the one! Particularly as it has the anti-fingerprint finish which is an absolute necessity when you have the “little people” visiting (I’m not being size-ist ; just referring to my nephews and 10 year old daughter … oh and my mother as well, standing at just under 5ft tall!). I have been known to wander around electrical appliance retailers randomly placing my hands all over their fridges and freezers to see if I leave any marks!

Its a sleek looking stainless-steel fridge freezer from John Lewis and whilst not one of the cheapest at just under £2,000, it looks just the job.

Holding upto 39 bottles in the chest height rack, this should keep me stocked up on the old vino for a few weeks at least. The fridge capacity is 330L (wine cooler being 162L) and the freezer holds up to 78L but who really cares about the freezer.


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