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Wine bottle vacuum sealer — will it work?

Wine Bottle Vacuum Seal
The Wine Bottle Vacuum Seal will supposedly help you enjoy your many bottles of fine wine, which I know you have, a little more. How exactly? Well, by vacuum sealing the bottle to prevent flavor loss. I thought it was rather obvious. Of course, you won’t be finding out if this thing actually works until you buy it. Then you’re stuck with it.

Fortunately for you, that isn’t the case this time, as I did it for you by buying this $35 gadget for my Dad (it is Father’s Day after all). He hasn’t had a chance to use it quite yet, but I’ll tell you a little more about it.

When you place the pump on your bottle it will automatically seal and tell you when it’s complete. There’s also a thermometer for the wine and some recommendations for what temperature is best for your fine bottle of wine. While it doesn’t look terribly big in the picture, it is. Not obnoxiously big, but bigger than your average wine sealer (or cork.) I’ll post some pictures of it actually on a bottle later. One last point, you’ll need 2AA batteries which aren’t included.

So, what do you think? Will this gadget actually work as advertised or will it be a complete waste of $35, which isn’t important to me, as it’s the thought that counts! I’m hoping that it works though, just so I know my thoughtfulness was well worth it, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was a little finicky.

I’ll update this post or create a new one with the results. Try to contain your excitement.

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5 thoughts on “Wine bottle vacuum sealer — will it work?”

  1. First off, I haven’t used this exact model, but I bought a manual vacuum pump for my uncle last year, and he says it works great at keeping the unused wine fresh for a few extra days.

    That being said, Consumer Reports recently had an article about wine, and stated that in their blind taste tests, their testers could rarely tell the difference from wine that was just opened and wine that was opened and then corked for a week or so.

    Lastly, if any of you aren’t finishing your bottles of wine when they are opened, you deserve to be punished with a $35 fine….

  2. @Tammy:

    If you’ve got a store near you, go check it out, they’ve got all sorts of random things you wouldn’t expect a) existed or b ) to be sold there. 😛


    Eh, it’s the thought that counts! If my Dad thinks he’s getting a better bottle of wine then it’s worth it.

  3. Vacuum sealers do work much better than corks or stoppers if you drain half the bottle, then seal it. That’s because with a cork or a stopper, you’ve trapped a whole lot of air, including oxygen, which oxidises the wine… that’s bad.

    In my experience, a corked half-empty bottle of wine kept for a week will be rotten, but a vacuum sealed one will be fine.

    Finally though, I wouldn’t waste money on this silly techno gadget. There are plenty of more convenient hand pumps available that are cheaper, more reliable, and easier to use.

  4. I got one exactly like the one pictured as a gift. It stopped working after a few months. And no, it wasn’t the batteries, it was just broken.

  5. Well…??? What’s the deal with the vacuum wine bottle stopper? Does it work or is it a toy? I know you said you would update the review, which isn’t a real review yet, but I guess this is another case of “it’s the thought that counts!”

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