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Windshield Heads Up Display makes driving more space age

windshield-hudYou know how some of the more modern cars out there tend to have high end technology which wows the masses when it first came out, such a heads up display? Well, it seems that you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket by taking out a second mortgage on your home just so that you can afford to buy a spanking new ride that has heads up display technology. Here is a far more affordable way of doing so – with the $149.95 Windshield Heads Up Display.

The Windshield Heads Up Display is a device that projects important data onto the windshield directly in front of a driver’s line of sight, where it enables continuous road awareness. Being an Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, the Windshield Heads Up Display will remain secured to a dashboard thanks to a non-slip mat, where it will be connected to your car’s On Board Diagnostic System II interface (OBD II) thanks to the included 62″-long cable and has the ability to project MPH, engine rotation speed (RPM), battery voltage, fuel consumption (MPG), and water temperature. There is an integrated clock that measures just how much time a driver has spent behind the wheel, where it also provides alerts so that you can take a break as and when necessary. For those who prefer to drive stick or are new drivers, the device will have alerts as to when it’s time to up or downshift.