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Windows 7 coming in 18 months

Have you made the jump to Windows Vista yet? Well if you haven’t yet, you might just want to hold off on investing the time and money into the latest OS from Microsoft. Why? Because Windows 7 is due out in a year and a half.

This was announced recently by Microsoft at the All Things D conference. Some of the features we can look forward too are an OSX-like dock, a heavy focus on multi-touch applications and probably a lot of similarities to Vista. Honestly, this all looks very familiar from the Microsoft Surface.

Honestly, I’ve only managed to upgrade a couple of my PCs to Vista, and am plenty happy with running XP on most of them. Will I upgrade to¬† Windows 7? Sure, I’ll have something that runs it, but unless they show me something better than this, I’ll still have plenty of XP around my house.

Source: Windows Vista Blog

1 thought on “Windows 7 coming in 18 months”

  1. Windows 7’s new features… Gold Screen Of Death.
    Instead of screen freezes, it melts.
    Meditating screen instead of screen saver (more Zen feel)
    OSX dock that shrinks instead of extruding.
    ‘Reverse Clock’ instead of Time Machine.
    Wireless backup support over Infra-Red (WHAT?? no WiFi?!)

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