The Windblocker makes sure calls are coming in crystal clear


Have you ever tried to take a call with a lot of background noise? It’s usually a pretty frustrating experience, because one side of the conversation has a lot of popping and peaking to hear thanks to wind, traffic, machinery, or whatever else might be nearby and loud, and the other has to constantly repeat what they said. Those in the audio business know that if you want to get rid of pops and puffs while in a potentially noisy area, you put a windscreen over the mic.

If you are always taking professional calls and want to sound the part, then you might want to invest in something like the Windblocker. This little puff of foam will slip over the microphone on your smartphone or tablet, and cuts the background noise by a rather noticeable degree. It’s a quick and easy way for calls to sound clear, and then your only problem will be getting a solid signal.

These are the type of accessory you’ll want to make sure you put on and take off only when you need it. Since itĀ isn’t very big, this would be easy to lose without noticing it went anywhere. It’s available in black, grey, and orange, though paying $14.95 doesn’t seem to allow you the ability to pick which color you get. I would imagine anyone in Chicago already has three of these.