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Win $50 with the 3rd Coolest Gadget of the Week

First off Happy 4th of July folks! Fancy celebrating with a $50 gadget voucher? Vote for this weeks coolest gadget and leave a comment explaining why, winners will be announced Monday.

It’s quite a diverse collection this week, have fun.

Internet Enabled Car

Broadband Internet in your Car

Now here’s the way I’ll be able to read Coolest Gadgets on the road! A complete Broadband internet kit for your car, with a remote control, a wi-fi hub, tv, etc… Just what I wanted to grab! Cool!

The full post can be found at Car Tuning Central.

BBQ Te,perature Fork

Rapid Read BBQ Fork Thermometer

Never overcook your meat or eat it too rare again. Just poke it with the fork, set the temperature and wait for the beep.

The full post can be found at S2999.

EZVision Eyewear

EZVision Eyewear

The EZ Vision Eyewear lets users enjoy a full cinematic experience without any annoying interruptions. By putting on the EZ Vision uber cool glasses, film buffs are able to block out any irritating background noise, using the built-in stereo earphones and zone out like zombies to watch their movie in complete and utter peace!

The full post can be found at Gaj It.

Wallet Shoe

ArchPort Wallet Shoe

Are your shoes ringing, or is it just your feet barking? The revolutionary offering of ArchPort Shoes by Matt Potts has an integrated wallet feature (detachable) into the arch of the sole with a port-like look. They are open to house cash, credit cards, ID, keys and other random items. Good part is it allows you to confiscate the contents without taking away your shoes.

The full post can be found at Elite Choice

Ovei Home Theater Pod

Ovei Home Theater Pod

The Ovei is a beautifully designed piece of home theater bliss for one. Word on the street is that the designer for this thing was Lee McCormack and that it was engineered by McLaren Applied Industries. It looks comfortable in an airline seat cum coffin sort of way and it has climate control (the same type of climate control that is used in F1 cars. And it comes with an F1 inspired price tag of approximately $100,000.

The full post can be found at Uber Review

Wind Up MP3

Green Piece – Wind ups

Charging your MP3 player can be a thing of the past with this wind-up media player. Not only can you play music and watch movies but it also has an FM radio, voice and audio recording, an integrated torch and it can work as an emergency mobile phone charger.

The full post can be found at Decide What To Buy.

Miracle Berry Tablet

Miracle Berry Tablet

Each pill rewires the way your palate perceives flavours for up to two hours, so you’ve plenty of time to try tons of previously unpalatable things, from raw radishes to neat Tabasco. The possibilities are endless, the sensations amazing. Even foodie sceptics are going gaga over these taste-distorting tablets

The full post can be found at Random Good Stuff.

Edamame Popping Game

Edamame Popping Game

Japanese Green Soybean is really great for snacks and fun because you can pop the soybean, and eat it. Now, how about feel the joy of ENDLESS soybean popping? You can do it with this funny and cute little gadget “Bandai Puni Puni Edamame Bean”. As a gadget, it’s useless, but as a keychain and toys, it’s fun and beautiful 🙂

The full post can be found at Cutie Gadget.

Thanks to all the sites for their submissions now over to you guys for voting (don’t forget to leave a comment with your reason for a chance to win $50):


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10 thoughts on “Win $50 with the 3rd Coolest Gadget of the Week”

  1. EZVision Eyewear wins hands-down (or eyes-up). I can sit there, watching cheezy porn while the wife watches Big Brother (or Idol or some other such tosh) without realising I’m just tuned out.
    And hell – it’s even got an ‘inspector gatget’ name!

  2. ArchPort Wallet Shoe seems more practical in price and use than the others gadgets, useful as well in case if you don’t have any pockets, and pretty cool.

  3. Ez-Vision eyewear. It’s the coolest gadget type item this week. I saw a lot of people voted for the internet-in-your-car thing, but i don’t really think that constitutes a real gadget. It’s more like a convenience.

  4. The berry tabs seem cool. Imagine finaly being able to win that bet by eating all the peppers. lol.

  5. Having internet access in your car rocks. My friend is lucky to have a similar more expensive unit in his truck for work.You throw a router on the unit the internet becomes a much expanded place. It is kind of odd having this much technology when your out fishing but, the weather report is nice.

  6. I am voting for the Broadband internet in your car gadget. I think this is the absolute coolest gadget I have seen. This might be the one gadget that I am willing to shell out a ridiculous amount of money to get it. I didn’t see a price for the kit. Is there any word on how much this will cost? I just want to know so I can start saving my money now. I think access to the internet has now come full circle. Bravo to the designers and bravo to the reporting site.

  7. The Green piece wind ups (I voted) because this means that if you go on holiday or have a long journey (meaning there may not be any plugs/incompatible plugs) you will always have a source of entertainment.
    Plus it has an FM radio meaning if you run out of music to listen to, you still have a big choice of radio stations.

    Finally, since you can wind it up yourself, you wont use up power by charging it up/leaving the charger plugged in – using unnecessary energy!

  8. I believe the best idea is Archpoint Wallet shoe. No one will know that all of your money your Id, and all other information usually kept in a pocket, is in your shoe. It gives you the safest option available to not lose everything if you get mugged, among all other circumstances.

    Most of the other “gadgets” do not offer you safety. mostly just quiet comfort.

    The thermometer may be good to some people, but couldnt you just take a regular meat thermometer and stick it in there?

    With the invention of the iphone, the laptop computer, the portable computer…etc. Plus the availabilty of different wifi options the “broadband in your car” is just an extra waste of money.

    if you want to see a movie in absolute quiet and solitude, it can be done in a more safe way using a regular set of headphones that cancel out noise. just plug it in to your big screen tv, and enjoy.

    The “home theater pod” is way to damn expensive, plus it seems more like what a rich guy wants in his bachelor pad. I’m sure it gives you the comfort of watching porn without anyone knowing, but again just another waste of time and money.

    a wind up mp3 player? that just sounds like we have went back in time about 20 years. Wind up toys went out long ago and with the availability of battery chargers, and plug ins in your car…why by something that you have to turn by hand?

    the berry tablet comes in a close second to the hidden pocket shoe. my father has not been able to smell anything since the 80’s when his throat was cut, this also tunes down his options of taste. I think the tablet is something that people with that kind of disability could actually find both affordable and easy to use. I do think that when someone is high they probably have this same thats why it goes to second place…

    the popping game needs know explaining…a toy to take up your time for about 5-10 minutes while waiting in line at the supermarket…what fun! lol

  9. I really like the solar charger. I always have two batteries and keep the other charged, so I will never need it. But it seems that every single person I know always has phone battery issues. It is always dying on them and making that annoying low battery alert sound. Holy crap man, pony up and buy another battery or at least a mobile charger.

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