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It’s time for coolest gadget of the week. To be entered into the $50 Amazon voucher draw be sure to leave a comment explaining why you voted for whom. Thanks and good luck, now onto the entries.

Stirring Mug

Gevalia Stir Mug

The perfect cup for the lazy coffee drinker: you don’t have to find a teaspoon because it stirs itself, and even keeps your coffee warm!

The full post can be found at S2999.

Retro Watch

Old School Dial Telephone Watch

The Zihotch Retro Phone Watch resembles an old school rotary telephone on your wrist. There are no numbers, hands, or screens to tell you the time. You have to dial 117 and a voice speaks the time to you. If you dial wrong it says that number is not in service. If you forget which number to dial, you end up with an expensive rotary telephone bracelet.

The full post can be found at Craziest Gadgets.

vts camera car

VTS Camera Car: No Height Restrictions Required!

The VTS Camera Car is the ultimate remote control car giving the driver the ability to see from the perspective of the cockpit using a pair of LCD goggles. The goggles respond to the driver, turning their head left, right, up and down.

The full post can be found at Gaj-It.

Auto Remote Truck Starter

Auto Remote Truck Starter

Now this is a very useful gadget for your truck, specially on those frozen days at winter. You can remotely start your car, turn on the air-conditioning, the radio, whatever!

The full post can be found at 4×4 Trucks and Trailers.

flash plate

Scrolling Led License Plate Flash Frames

Pretty cool gadget for your car. With this frame you can add personalized texts to your car license plate so that the car behinds you reads it. Imagine the usefulness… saying “Hi” to that lovely lady behind you or even tell that ugly guy “horning” to get lost!

The full post can be found at Car Tuning Central.

Digital Camera Swim Mask

Digital camera of the deep

If you’ve ever tried to take pictures underwater and failed miserably, this is the perfect gadget. This 5MP digital camera mask switches easily between photo and video mode and has a built-in memory and additional microSD slot.

The full post can be found at Decide What to Buy.

Concept Pool PC

The Pool PC, aka PC of the Swim-Rings, is a waterproof computer that has a small place so you can attach a swim ring. Then all you need to do is lay back in the ring, let your body float, and you are free to check email, surf the web, or anything else you want to do on your computer

The full post can be found at here.

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