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Willow Glass – Gorilla Glass gets a Thinner, more Flexible Sister

Do you ever try to imagine the future? Do you fantasize about what cellphones may be like years from now? Are you still waiting for holographic television and implanted electronics or flying cars? I love to wonder about the future, and some amazing high-tech stuff is coming sooner than you think! Corning, the New York-based developer of the now famous Gorilla Glass, has just announced the next generation of super thin material, and its called Willow Glass. This new glass is as thin as a sheet of paper, is amazingly flexible, and can wrap around just about anything leading to a whole host of futuristic applications. Corning Willow Glass could lead to several cost-efficient applications including many of today’s slim displays, and some uber-cool smart surfaces of the future. The thinness, strength, and flexibility of this glass has the potential to enable displays to be “wrapped” around a device or a structure, it can be rolled, or folded and flattened. Willow Glass holds tremendous  promise, not only because of its thinness and bendability, but because it could very well revolutionize the form and shape of smartphones, TVs, tablets, e-readers and a whole host of other consumer electronic devices. It is likely that Willow Glass will be used to replace Gorilla Glass in many of its existing applications and it will start turning up in ways you never thought possible. Folks are already coming up with great ideas for this new material. Can you say “Flexi-reader”? Look for it in a pocket near you.  Source]]>