Wii Steering Wheel II


I don’t know about you, but personally I feel that most video game accessories are really not that essential, and with the Nintendo Wii getting a whole ton of shovelware for this generation while featuring games with simple waggle controls and very little substance, it also makes perfect sense for such a console to get a bunch of accessories that aren’t really worth what you pay for. Surely you don’t need a tennis extension to get a little bit more kick from Wii Sports, do you? After all, playing in a cramped room is bad enough as it is. The Wii Steering Wheel II will up the ante over the previous generation model by offering full compatibility with the Wiimote + Motion Plus. According to the product description, the Wii Steering Wheel II is “simulation controlling, let you feel real and exciting. Enhance the joy of playing games.” I’m not too sure about forking out $10 for a nasty bit of plastic – what about you?

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