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Wii gets rifle accessory now


Although the Wii looks as though it comes up short in the shooting game department, accessories for this console are anything but scarce. The latest would be this Rifle Gun Prop that makes your Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers more menacing than ever. The Wiimote is placed in front of the gun, while the Nunchuk fits in comfortable into the handle. We all know the Army is using the Wii for therapeutic treatment at this point in time, so is there a possibility for them to improve their aim? Nah, not until a game that involves real world shooting physics emerge. Still, if you want a higher degree of realism the next time you knock off your enemies from a distance, the Rifle Gun Prop retails for $16.58.

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  1. The person writing these product descriptions apparently had an early English class – and skipped it. Hire a proofreader. The grammar is pretty bad and painful to read. The concept of tenses and syntax hold no meaning for this person. The phrase “this point in time” is verbose and overused when spoken, unforgivable when written. Improve the copy.

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