Wii Fit Plus upgrades your favorite balance board game

wiifitplusIsn’t it strange that the video game that I should be playing is the one that I don’t play? I am, of course, referring to the Wii Fit, the wondrous little white box that allows me to work on my balance and exercise until I get my Wii Fitness age down to my actual age.

You’d have to play the Wii Fit to get that, and now Wii players can get the Wii Fit Plus. This enhanced version will have new features, exercise, yoga moves, and more balancing games. I’m not certain if there is any downloadable content, but it certainly should.

The Wii Fit Plus allows players to customize their workouts to target specific areas of their bodies. So is this is the start of Dance Dance Revolution your @$$ off?

Just kidding, there. The Wii Fit Plus does allow the user to “fill specific intervals of time”. I am assuming that means that if you have only a few minutes, the Wii Fit Plus will accommodate you.

The Wii Fit Plus with the Wii board accessory should be available on October 4th for about $99. For users who already have a Wii Fit, you can just buy the Wii Fit Plus game for just $19.99.