Wii Carry Bag

Wii Messenger Bag

Yet again we seem to have a global shortage of the Nintendo Wii, I’m not sure if this is a cunning marketing ploy or abysmal forecasting by Nintendo. However an alternative is at hand, the Wii Messenger bag, make it easy for your friends to bring their Wii to your house.

* Main pocket holds Wii Console
* Zippered padded inside pocket for Sensor Bar
* Padded middle pocket holds Power Pack and Controllers
* Front pocket holds games and additional Controllers

One less excuse to hold a Wii sports party (provided you know somebody who owns the fabled console).

The Wii Carry Bag can be yours to give (or keep) for $29.99 and if you don’t own a Wii yet you could always pretend by loading it with a cardboard box.