Wii Bowling Ball from CTA Digital

wii_bowling_ballI’ve noticed a lot of accessories for WiiSports, and most of them are golf clubs and tennis rackets. This is the first time I have seen one for Wii Bowling, and I’m not certain that it will not be the last.

This particular accessory was on display at this year’s E3, and was designed by CTA Digital. It is apparently fashioned after an “authentic bowling ball”, and the user has to open it up and put in the Wii remote and close this ball.

From there, you have to “plug the holes with your fingers”, but I don’t see any holes on this guy. I see three buttons, and unless you can push those in really deep, those are hardly holes.

At first I thought you would have to take off the WiiStrap in order use this accessory, but I’ve just read that the user has to use the WiiStrap in order hold the ball on their wrist. I suppose that’s to keep you from bowling through your flatscreen.

I’m not certain how much this weighs, but it doesn’t look too heavy to me. In fact, I remember having a lightweight plastic bowling kit as a kid, and this ball looks a lot like it. At least I don’t have to manually set up the pins.

Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing and availability on this product, but it is compatible to several Wii bowling games.