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WiFi Communicating Pet Treat Dispenser lets you micromanage remotely

wifi-pet-treat-dispenserPets can be extremely therapeutic, especially if you have had a pretty stressful day at the office. Of course, some of us prefer dogs over every other pet, as these tend to be far more teachable than the likes of a hamster, fish, snake or cat. Well, giving treats to your pet in order to enforce positive training methods is extremely effective, but what if you are unable to do so while being physically present? The $199.95 WiFi Communicating Pet Treat Dispenser would be able to get the job done then.

This WiFi monitor would enable one to check in on a pet from anywhere at anytime and remotely dispense preloaded treats. It will make use of an iOS and Android compatible app, allowing you to see whatever the wide-angle HD camera is able to see over your home’s WiFi connection in 720p resolution goodness. Infrared LEDs will ensure that anyone can check out a pet regardless of lighting conditions, and you can even shoot still shots, now how about that? The integrated speaker lets you communicate to a dog or cat before releasing 1-3 units of the pet’s preferred dry treats. It can stash away up to 75 treats, depending on the length of the treats.