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These Widget Desktop USB Microphones will give your office a retro-futuristic feel


Whether you run your own podcast, record let’s plays, or just chat with friends on Skype, you’re going to need a microphone. Of course, the reason for which you have the mic is going to determine what type of device you’ll want to have around. If you’re trying to go for professional audio, you’ll not only need a high-quality mic, but a pop filter, shock mount, quiet place to record, and software that will let you clean it up nicely.

If you’re not looking to make your own recording booth at home but still want a nice mic, then these Widget Microphones look like they could be up for the challenge. These are desktop USB mics which all have the same capsule and circuit designs, but are fitted into retro-futuristic bodies. Each has full-range 96kHz/24 bit audio, an integrated pop filter, shock mount, and feature adjustable height. They will play nicely with Mac and Windows alike, don’t take up much desk space, and will certainly add some flair to the office!

While these may look a bit cartoonish, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of doing their job. There are three different versions named Widget A, B, and C, each being slightly different in design and color. This will cost you $99 if you’re interested in upping your audio quality for chatting, recording, or conferencing. There are always other options out there, so do be sure to put time in researching before investing a lump sum into a microphone.

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