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Wider Coverage Multi Vector Fan gets more done with less smaller footprint

wider-coverage-fanWe are all about efficiency in this day and age, and if you do not have the kind of efficiency level that is able to please the higher management, chances are your career would not be able to advance as well or as fast as you would like it to. Well, with the sweltering summer set to arrive for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, you might want to make the relevant preparations around the home, such as getting appliances that can help cool down the place without having it guzzle too much electricity. Enter the $69.96 Wider Coverage Multi Vector Fan then.

The Wider Coverage Multi Vector Fan is a compact table fan complete with a rotating grill that provides 50% wider area coverage compared to others of its size. It will be different from common fans with limited side-to-side oscillation, as this model’s 11″ diameter plastic blades are housed within a grill that continuously rotates a full 360º, ensuring that it circulates refreshing air throughout a 500′ sq. room. With three speeds to choose from, you will have complete control over comfort with oscillation on/off setting, an automatic timer that shuts off after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours, as well as a function that mimics a naturally undulating breeze. All settings are chosen through an LED control panel or the included remote control.