Wibit Sports Park – Want to Buy a real Water Wonderland?

Sure, we’ve introduced you to all kinds of water toys, slides and pools, jet boats and water bikes. There really does seem to be an endless supply of water related gadgets and gizmos, but every now and then you come across the quintessential water amusement, the thing that makes all else pale in comparison, and that my friends, is what I found for you today.
Behold the Wibit Sports Park 60, simply looking at it is enough to make you smile. The Sports Park is best described as a floating water playground, complete with a climbing tower, trampolines, a swing, a catapult and an obstacle track including a high jump, just for you and about 59 of your closest friends. The Wibit system is modular, and designed specifically so that they can be connected to other Wibit products using connector straps and anchor plates, making it easy to customize the super fun zone of your dreams.
The Wibit Sports Park is made of a super durable PVC material and stainless steel parts that make it suitable for commercial use in all kinds of weather and in fresh, salt or chlorinated water. Anchored with bungees and having a weight of somewhere around 4000 pounds this is one serious playground. The Park can actually be inflated in a breathtaking 180 minutes. Seriously? But you don’t have to worry, the pump comes with it.
Wibit Sports is a 15 year old German company, founded by 2 friends that seem pretty darn serious about playing on the water. Distributing their special brand of fun to over 50 countries worldwide, please visit the website, for more information on the (gasp) 75 thousand dollar Sports Park, or for many more exciting products and purchasing information.