Wi-Fi Seeker and Walker

I’m sure there are a lot of Coolest Gadgets readers who probably know a dilemma I face constantly. It’s when I sit down and go to work at a coffee shop or a library, only to find that their wireless Internet is down.

By the time that I have booted up and hibernated my computer to move on to another place with a working wireless connection, I have wasted a half-hour of my precious time, at least.

It would be a lot easier if I had the Wi-Fi Walker, a 802.11 b/g finder that has a backlit LCM display for information about any hotspots within range including signal strength, name, encryption, security status, AP number, and SSID.

As for power for this tiny gadget, no batteries are required. You still need to plug it into the USB port for power.

Did I also mention that this Wi-Fi Walker can double as a wireless adapter? Nice to know that have a backup in case your wireless card is on the fritz.

You should be able to get the Wi-Fi Walker for about $59.95, or you can get the WiFi Seeker, a cheaper alternative, for about $14.95. The Wi-Fi Seeker is the simple gadget that has a red light that shows you if you have a hotspot near.


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