Wi-Charge Wireless Power Kit announced

Wi-Charge has been delivering long-range wireless power technology in order to make our modern day lives easier, ensuring that one’s compatible smartphone will be able to charge from across the room sans wires and cables that tend to gain a life of their own and get all twisted up. This time around, they have announced the innovative Wireless Power Kit that will take mere minutes to transform an existing wired Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini smart speakers into a beautiful, fully functional, wire-free product. Post-transformation, the product can be placed and used virtually anywhere without having to be tethered to a power outlet or power cord.

 That would certainly be quite the dream, wouldn’t it? After all, this is what smart homes are all about these days. Consumers will continue to be able to use the product with the degree of ease and familiarity that they have already built up, while gaining dramatic new freedoms on placement options. In the past before the Wireless Power Kit, the speaker needed to remain near a power outlet, where the power cord would also need to be hidden or routed away nicely. With the Wireless Power Kit, the entire set up has changed. You can place the smart speaker on a table, hang it on a wall, or work practically anywhere in the room.

At this point in time, Wi-Charge has also announced the “Powered by Wi-Charge OEM Program,” which is a new program that will target select partners who would want to offer similar wirelessly-powered product capability to their existing portfolio. The application of it would be wide ranging, from wireless smart home speakers to home security devices, phone charging solutions and a slew of other innovative product ideas that were shackled by battery power or power cords in the past. Expect to see the Wireless Power Kit available as a reference implementation for manufacturers who would want to incorporate Wi-Charge long-range wireless power modules into their product line.

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