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The Whisker Dam will keep your stache dry when drinking

The Whisker Dam

If you are a gentleman who is pleasantly concerned about his looks, then there’s a good chance you take care of your facial hair. Should you happen to be sporting a beard or mustache, then you’ve likely come across the issue of partaking in libations and finding your whiskers full of foam or droplets. Just as you would bring an umbrella in case of rain, you must also prepare to keep yourself dry as to not look like a drowned rat has perched itself upon your lip.

While it may not look like it, the Whisker Dam is capable of keeping you looking your best on an evening out with friends. This is a piece of copper that has been coated in a patina and a non-toxic barrier to give it a vintage look while it sits atop the edge of your glass. The non-toxic aspect is quite important as your beverage will come into contact with this piece of metal while you’re drinking.

Of course, this is quite useless to anyone that doesn’t have facial hair, but it would be an excellent gift for the special ‘stache in your life. This will only cost you $20, and comes in a weathered-looking cardboard box. If this is something you want to have with you at all times, it might be in your interests to find or make a carrying case to be certain this can tag along with you to your drinking destinations without being bent or damaged. Don’t do it for yourself or others, do it for the whiskers.

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