WHIM architecture’s “Recycled Island” is made of garbage

This is the “Recycled Island”, designed by a Dutch architect named Ramon Knoester. His firm, Whim Architecture, is working on this island made of garbage with the help of a grant from the Netherlands Architecture Fund.
The “Recycled Island” solves a lot of problems that the Earth is experiencing. As we have learned from the Superman movies, that land is something “that they ain’t making any more of”. Considering that the oceans take up more than half of the earth, wouldn’t it be nice if we could settle on them by making our own islands?
After all, there is already a “Great Garbage Patch” in the Pacific Ocean, and one might as well make use of all that trash floating on the surface. Of course, that sounds easy, but I am certain it is a harder undertaking than what I just wrote.
By the way, this “Recycled Island” is huge at about 3,860 square miles, which is about the size of Hawaii. I don’t know if that is a misprint from my Source, as this picture seems to show a single family home with a solar roof. The toilets will be compost, with some “blue energy” from wave motion, and a farming system to create food and fertilizer from seaweed. Hopefully, a diet of that tastes good.
So, are we looking at a future where artificial archipelagos are created for the next generation to live on?

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