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The Wheelman – an all-terrain electric skateboard

Wheelman Board

While we’re still waiting on teleportation devices to come into existence, we have to make due with trains, planes, and automobiles. Most of the time our work is a hop, skip, and a jump from our homes, but we sometimes come across a distance that is slightly unpleasant to walk everyday, and too close justify using up the gas to get there. It’s a bit of a pickle to be in, but one that isn’t too difficult to find a solution to.

You can take an electric bike to work, but where will you put it while you’re slaving away in the office? Are you going to lock it up outside, or chance bringing it in and having it be in the way? For those with impeccible balance, there’s always a skateboard, but a motorized version is likely best as we’re not all bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings. If you want to be able to go off the side walk with little issue, then maybe this Wheelman Gas Skateboard V2 is up your alley.

This has a 50cc 2-stroke engine that can go up to 26 miles per hour on grassy hills, dirt paths, and sandy beaches. That’s right, an all-terrain electric skateboard. It can hold up to a ΒΌ gallon of gas, which will take you up to 30 miles. There’s a hand throttle which you’ll need to hold on to while also dealing with balance, but after a while you’ll get the hang of it. Not having lights makes this a daytime vehicle, and you should always wear a helmet. This is going to cost you around $685, but unless you weigh 195 or less, this won’t do you much good.

Available for purchase on wheelmanskateboard

3 thoughts on “The Wheelman – an all-terrain electric skateboard”

  1. Your promoting this as an ALL terrain electric skateboard that is GAS POWERED ,YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT

  2. Ah, blogging at its best. How does an “electric” skateboard need gas and have a gas-powered engine?

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