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Weye Feye Wi-Fi remote control for DSLRs

weye-feyeWe live in an increasingly connected society, so much so that breaking news and the latest happenings needs to be shared right there and then – anything slower than “instant” would be considered anathema. With social networks playing a really huge role in our lives, with most of us having a Twitter and Facebook account, there are various tools out there which will help aid us in broadcasting our life to the virtual world. Since many smartphones these days come with a decent camera – whether at the back or the selfie one, most of us have social network profiles that depict the exotic places of where we have been, hoping to net a few more “Likes” or comments along the way. Snapping good selfies, however, can be quite a challenge – and you might look funny with one of those “selfie sticks”. If only there was a remote control solution in the market. But there is! With the aptly named Weye Feye, this external device will be able to generate its own Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control virtually any compatible DLSR camera from your mobile device using a free app.

 Weye Feye will help to do away with the range of complicated buttons and dials that can be found on many DSLRs alongside System Cameras, where images will be relayed in real time, too. Users can now check out the result of the image shot instantly, including making tiny adjustments such as changing the shutter speed, ISO, aperture or white balance without having to come into physical contact with the camera. Apart from that, Weye Feye’s powerful signal would also enable photography enthusiasts to capture, upload and share content on their social networks instantly – regardless of where they are, as long as there is a decent Internet connection in the vicinity, of course.

The Weye Feye app also comes with a Live View function that enables users to have complete control of their camera from a distance. For those who are interested, the Weye Feye can be purchased for $249.99 a pop, where a full battery ought to be able to see it last for up to 8 hours of non-stop usage.

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