Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit – CPR for your iPhone?

Here’s a story thats hard to believe, a few years ago, I left my cell phone out by the pool and that afternoon there was a horrible rainstorm that fried it. That same evening, as I lamented the loss of my phone, a band of thugs kicked in the front door of our home and robbed the house while I hid behind a clothing rack, with my fried phone in hand. While most of us have dropped a phone in a sink, toilet or tub, I doubt too many folks have wished for this next product as much as I did…
Meet the Wet Smartphone Emergency kit from Dry-All, originally used to protect moisture sensitive military equipment.  It has been used to keep gun safes dry and for moisture removal for hearing aids. It is now being used for drying wet cell phones, wet smart phones, wet electronic tablets, wet iPods, ipads and other electronic items. This kit absorbs all of the moisture in the wet phone quickly, allowing the phone to continue working as normal without losing your contacts, applications, pictures, or music. Woo-Hoo!
The Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit has been independently tested and guaranteed to dry all types of cell phones that have been exposed to any type of moisture. DRY-ALL president Sean Gutierrez works hard to ensure that they only produce quality products. “We believe people need to stay connected and mobile phones are essential. Our customers can save time, money, their contacts, applications, pictures, music and the headache of dealing with insurance companies all at home with our DRY-ALL products.”
The Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit, much like an emergency medical kit, is always a good idea to have on hand in case of a wet cell phone emergency. The kit boasts a 100% success rate when all of the products’ directions are followed. At that rate of success, why not have one for emergencies, you know, like when you’re shivering behind your clothes while strangers take all your stuff and load it into your car!
Emergency Dry Kits start at around $25 bucks and can be purchased at

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