Wet Diaper Alarm

Wet Diaper

Babies cry for many reasons and indeed one of those reasons is that they have wet diapers. Well cry no more as we wonder what parents are thinking when they attach a CMOS chip alarm to their babies diapers. When junior answers the call of nature – your nursery will be filled with the sound and joy of a musical alarm which will let you know that your baby has wet the aforementioned diaper.

The alarm is attached to a cuddly toy. Luckily you have a choice of a red rabbit or green bear. We are re-assured that the electrical current is safe and that the product is re-usable (they point out that one should clean the sensor !). So now you will know when your baby has a wet diaper; we will no doubt ask ourselves – how did we ever manage without this alarm? Furthermore while the baby will be spared an extended period of bearing a wet diaper; there is a chance that the alarm will make the baby cry anyway. Maybe nature’s tried and tested alarm that has worked since the dawn of time, that hearty baby cry – wasn’t so bad after all.

The wet diaper alarm is available from tecoserver for $14.

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