Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit

For folks who put stuff in their front shirt pockets, ever let anything slip out by accident each time you bend down to pick something up, or to tie your shoelaces? This is one of the main reasons why you should never place a cellphone in there, or woe to you should the handset kiss some concrete. Of course, while that is highly undesireable, things could be worse – case in point, dropping your handset into the toilet bowl or a drain, or basically anywhere else with water. After all, everyone knows that electronics and water make great enemies due to their nature. What are you to do if that happened to you? Why, you can always check out the Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit from HPL, where it is scheduled to be released worldwide later this month. As with its namesake, the emergency kit will dry out wet cellphones.

This is a household accessory that most people might not think they need, but you can never tell when an emergency would happen, can you? The Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit comes in a bag and dries out wet cellphones within a 48 hour time span, and is so easy to use that virtually anyone is able to do it. All you need to do is unzip the bag, toss in your wet cellphone, and zip the bag close, leaving it alone for at least a couple of days. Needless to say, the “technology” involved works on virtually all forms of cellphones, and the $9.99 price point makes it the far cheaper alternative compared to purchasing a brand new handset.

We don’t suppose that the Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit will also work with other electronic devices that are able to fit in the bag, such as smaller iPods and other portable media players, eh? Seems to be the perfect addition to your boat, home, and RV. We do wonder how many people have spent unnecessary money on a new phone simply because something like the Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit was never in the market before.

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