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Western Digital rolls out My Passport X portable hard drive

mypassport-xThe name Western Digital should not come across as strange to many of you out there – in fact, the company has rolled out a fair number of hard drives – internal or external, over the years, to show you that they have the relevant capability and capacity to offer quality products without breaking the bank. Having said that, Western Digital has just announced the release of the My Passport X portable hard drive which will specially target gamers, now how about that?

The My Passport X portable hard drive, when hooked up to the Xbox One or a PC, will deliver a whopping 2TB of additional storage space – which is much needed in the world of modern day console gaming, so that you should not run into any problems when it comes to stashing another 50 more game titles, while doing away with the need of deleting previously purchased games from their Xbox One or PC hard drives, as well as consigning those pesky “storage full” warning messages to the history books – so that gamers will be able to get back to what they do best – game.

Other than the additional storage space, gamers too, will be able to make use of the My Passport X in order to carry their saved games to use on friends’ systems, all without having to go through the hassle of download it. Taking into consideration how game file sizes have grown to 36GB per game and upwards on average, with no signs of getting smaller, the My Passport X portable hard drive does offer a fast and easy method to expand capacity and enables an expanded library of games on the go.

Thanks to USB 3.0 connectivity, users can access and save files on the My Passport X portable hard drive without having to waste too much time, and it has been specially built for durability and shock tolerance to boot. The My Passport X 2TB portable hard drive will retail for $139.99 as it arrives with a 1-year limited warranty.

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1 thought on “Western Digital rolls out My Passport X portable hard drive”

  1. Yawn… a 2 TB hard drive… who cares?

    I’m waiting for a 10 TB HDD that I can afford so I can back up all my stuff without using several drives.

    Bother me again when HDD prices have halved and the capacity has doubled.

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