Wesco’s R2D2 Projector Alarm Clock

Alright, no matter what anyone says, there is never too much Star Wars stuff, especially when it comes to R2D2 gadgets.  Well here is one more and for once it’s not some luxury item that you could never afford.  This one is a projector alarm clock, so hopefully you have a blank wall somewhere.  It’s be a bit difficult to read on a wallpapered wall or one cluttered with photographs and posters.  The site is fairly skimpy on the specs of this clock.  After all, it is just a clock, even if it is cooler than the rest purely because of R2.

It doesn’t do flips or list off what R2 inspired sound effects it spouts off.  It just says it features R2D2 sounds, which could mean anything.  Don’t they know we need more details, or at least an in action video?!  Sadly, this isn’t a US product, those of you in the UK get to have all the fun.  Apparently the grass is always greener on the other side of the pond.  The projector is being sold on Amazon’s UK site and even has free delivery.  To get one of these little guys it will cost you £19.99 or about $38.

Source: RetroToGo