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WePlenish turns your pantry smarter with the Java Smart Container

weplenishDo you want to see an increase in home or office automation? How many times have you actually walked up to the pantry, thinking all morning long about tucking into that perfect hot cup of coffee from your favorite coffee pod brand, only to discover that there is nothing left inside and nobody remembered to place an order? That scenario will no longer be the case in the future with WePlenish’s Java Smart Container.

 The Java Smart Container is the first smart container of its kind that will automatically reorder your favorite coffee pods, espresso capsules, tea, snacks and other kinds of pantry essentials whenever supplies begin to run low — and not when it is completely out of stock. This is made possible courtesy of its integration with Amazon Dash Replenishment. In other words, the WePlenish Java Smart Container will help you save both time and effort, offering a far easier and more convenient method to shop so that you will never ever run out of your must-haves in the future.

With an asking price of $39.99 a pop, the Java Smart Container is certainly extremely affordable for all offices, homes, and organizations. WePlenish hopes that this is the first step in the automation of an entire pantry, and it remains the first and only smart container integrated with Dash Replenishment. Setting it up is simple, all that you need to do is to connect it via a Wi-Fi network using the WePlenish app. From there, pick the pantry item you’d like to reorder, and WePlenish will handle the rest.

Smart sensors are used to detect inventory levels in the smart container, and whenever supplies begin to run low, it will automatically send in orders to replenish coffee pods and other pantry must-haves so that there is enough stock at all times.Over the course of time, WePlenish will learn your habits, favorite brands and flavors, while picking out recommendations that it thinks suits your taste. Expect the Java Smart Container to fit nicely into all kinds of home and office designs as it arrives in a minimalist look with either black or glossy white finishes.

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