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The Welly Bottle will save you from buying bottled water

Welly BOttle

However you go about it, you need to drink a fair amount of water every day. Our bodies are mostly made up of the stuff, so it only makes sense that we would need to replenish it regularly. If you’re living a busy life in a big city, water fountains are questionable, and falling ill from a communicable disease is not going to fit in the schedule, so we stick to bottled water.

Of course, buying bottle after bottle of water gets pretty costly, and bringing a refillable water bottle with you doesn’t take care of the bacteria that flows from a public water source. There’s also that little bit about how it’s terrible for the environment. If you want to filter your water, the Welly might be able to help. This is a posh water bottle that has a filter made from activated coconut shell carbon which is NSF-42 certified, meaning it can handle chlorine, taste and odor removal.

Each filter can replace up to 300 water bottles, and the compressible side panels which are made from bamboo will accelerate water flow. Its mouth can fit standard and crescent shaped ice cubes for those who like cold water, and it’s made 100% BPA and phthalate free. The fancier aspects include a flexible mouthpiece with a cap and little feet on the bottom which will let it stay upright. This is going to cost you $35, and will get you the 24 ounce Welly and 2 filters, which should provide you 2 months of clean water.

Available for pre-order on wellybottle