The Weight-Reducing Backpack gives gravity the finger


When you have to go the entire day with everything you need on your person, you know how important having a good bag is. Whether it’s a messenger bag with shoulder padding, a backpack with comfortable straps, or a purse that won’t cut into your shoulder, you’re going to use it enough to know quality when you wear it. The only problem with backpacks is that they’re meant to hold a lot, so we put a lot in them, weighing us down.

You can really hurt yourself if you try to carry too much at a time. The people at Keep Pursuing decided that enough was enough, and made a backpack of their own, the Zero-G. This is a backpack that can reduce the stress of carried weight by up to 25%, which means 20 pounds will feel like 15 thanks to a 4-point suspension system. Not only that, but it’s jam-packed with features to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely.

This has a water-resistant hood, magnetic snap buckle, water and shock resistant base, has an easy-to-access main compartment, water-resistant zippers, and comes in an ultra-matte PU leather. The straps deal with moisture quite well, there’s proper venting for your back, lumbar support, a laptop compartment for up to 15” laptops, magnetic snaps for a cell phone pocket, and a handle that won’t break so easily. It’s available in 13 or 15” sizes at $179, with color options of jet black, cobalt blue, and gunmetal grey with a silver interior, and jet black with a blue interior.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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