Weed Whacking Golf Driver for the noncommittal golfer

Let’s face it, not all golfers are the serious types.  Some of them are just out for a day of goofing around with good friends.  Now this Weed Whacking Golf Driver might be appalling to slip into a serious game of golf (if you could even succeed at it), but for the relaxed game your buddies might even start requesting to borrow it.  After all, a little beer and a round of golf calls for a couple of short cuts throughout the game.

To work this handy little club you just flip a button and the plastic bottom flips open.  It has a single string trimmer that probably won’t work to take out any serious weeds.  If the grass is just getting a little tall it’ll work just fine for that though.  There are two thumb buttons built into the handle to activate the trimmer.  In order to keep the club powered it’ll need 6 AA batteries.  You can purchase it for $39.95 through Hammacher Schlemmer.

Source: OhGizmo

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