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weBoost ego 4G gives your cell phone signal a kick in the butt

weboost-eco-4gSome of us are blessed when it comes to cell phone signal coverage — wherever we have always stayed, whether a rented room or at a dorm, or in a hotel, we always benefit from having the uninterrupted cell phone signal with four bars at the bare minimum. Others out there — tough luck. I am one of those, and through my 5 different homes where I have stayed so far, my cell phone signal had always suffered from blind spots. This is where cell phone signal boosters come in handy, and weBoost ego 4G is one particular device that will be able to help you out in such a situation.

The weBoost ego 4G is a new plug and play cell phone signal booster that takes all of just 5 minutes in order to install, and you are good to go. The weBoost ego 4G will do its job in boosting your phone signal indoors, and is different from its predecessor since this new model boasts of a powerful exterior antenna which can be placed right outside the window on the sill between the window and screen thanks to the presence of a flat cable.

This is a specially designed flat cable which paves the way for full closure in addition to locking of window for an energy efficient seal without suffering from any form of degradation in terms of performance. It will render signal blockage caused by low emission glass which tends to be a fixture (pardon the pun) in just about all windows found in new homes.

Touted to boost mobile wireless reception for up to 1,500 square feet within homes, offices, and apartments, the weBoost ego 4G can be yours for $379.99 a pop. It is certainly a far more affordable option compared to knocking down a few walls in your home, keeping your fingers crossed that doing so will help ease some blind spots around the house.

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