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Webcaster Gun turns you into a Spiderman

webcaster-gunWhen you were growing up, or even if you are an adult now, just which particular superhero do you wish to be? If you have answered Spiderman, did you ever willingly get bitten by a spider, hoping that it has been irradiated enough so that you gain Peter Parker’s arachnid powers? Unfortunately, the world does not work this way, and rather than come up with your own web shooters, you might want to consider picking up the Webcaster Gun.

The Webcaster Gun is the perfect tool to spruce up any Halloween party as the season comes upon us again. It will be able to spray 1.5 pounds of webbing in an hour, and will hook up to most shop vacuums without missing a beat. This innovative product allows you to decorate inside and out with cobwebs, and is perfect for just about anyone with a love of Halloween or spooky parties. The refill packs will include 20 sticks, and the Webcaster ships with 1 stick to help you get started right out of the box.

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