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Weather Station Security Camera does more than just tell the weather

weather-station-security-camLet’s face the cold, hard facts – the world today is a very different creature from the one it was all those years ago. Things do happen to change pace in a heartbeat, and we also see plenty of criminal activities happening even in what was once deemed to be nice neighborhoods. This has led to a rash of security devices and measures being taken by homeowners, and it is no surprise that security cameras are deemed to be compulsory for select ‘hoods. Well, how about having a security camera at home that is disguised as well? This is where the $149.95 Weather Station Security Camera comes in.

The Weather Station Security Camera is, as its name suggests, a weather station which will boast of a built-in surveillance camera. It will be able to use its hidden camera to begin recording in 1080p HD video the moment it senses any motion, complete with audio to boot. The camera will be able to save up to 3.5 hours of video to a microSD memory card (up to 32GB capacity), where you can then transfer all of that video to a PC via a USB cable. The camera records continuously, automatically overwriting old content when the memory card is full, and can be set to operate manually, take photos or record audio, or turned off. It will also show off accurate weather data on a backlit 5″ LCD screen, which also depicts the time, date, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, weather forecast, and moon phase thanks to easy-to-view characters and icons.