Weather Station Keychain – Always be Prepared

I know what you’re thinking… If you’ve got your keys in your hand and you’re somewhere outside, it certainly doesn’t take a portable weather station to give you a glimpse into your weather future. But don’t knock it till you hear everything that this handy little gizmo has to offer.

This ordinary sized keychain provides you with the weather forecast, moon phase, temperature and humidity. It functions as both a calendar, and an alarm clock, complete with a snooze funtion. It remembers when it was the hottest and coldest (imagine the arguments that will be avoided next time someone says “it was so much hotter last weekend”) and even keeps tabs on humidity highs and lows, AND last, but not least, it has a built in compass and brilliant LED flashlight. Now arent you sorry you made fun?

The neat little unit is powered by 2 (already included) button cell batteries and it’s made out of  a durable red plastic, it also ships with a metal carbiner clip and detailed intructions. Available for under 20 bucks from