Wearable Toy Piano Shirt

This next device is currently not available at any particular catalog or website, but it really should be. After all, ThinkGeek is already offering the Electric Drum Kit Shirt, so why not one that is a Piano?

The DIY Wearable Toy Piano shirt is designed for a DIY Festival that was held in Zurich last weekend. You can go to the Instructables site for some step-by-step instructions on how to make this homemade gift.

Much of the materials can be obtained from a normal toy piano, and it appears that the buttons are put on the side, which makes this piano shirt easy to play. If the designer had put the piano keys on your chest, then it would be complicated and awkward to play. It looks like you have to do some kind of adapting to play this particular piano that you can wear.

After seeing this YouTube video below, you can’t deny that it works. However, it could probably work better if it was attached to a speaker of some sort. Perhaps the filmmaker should have turned up the volume on the camera.

I guess the real question is whether or not you would be pleased if someone made you a Piano shirt and gave it to you as a gift for Christmas.